Transforming Neighbourhoods: Discipling Communities.

Last Saturday we had the 11th annual South Reading Churches Fun Day with an estimated 5000 community members in attendance. It was just fabulous watching people move from being spectators to participators and having a whale of a time! It had me reminiscing about the different communities where I have helped facilitate community building festivals;... Continue Reading →

Our Choices Do Not Limit God

Our choices do not limit God. He, he himself, chooses when and how and why to limit himself. As I reflect on my time in South Africa recently, there are many things I have seen and learnt especially as I now look back on the journey; most of all about grace. As we look back... Continue Reading →


Sallie came across as we walked in her direction. Of all the ladies we spoke to this evening she was one of the best dressed, she wore good quality make up and her hair was nicely done with highlights. The conversation was in Africaans, so I didn’t get much of it, Caroline stopped to quickly... Continue Reading →

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