Faith is not spelt RISK

The other day I had fun listening to Cn. J John interview Cn. Andrew White (the vicar of Baghdad), Andrew White’s story is remarkable but very simple. It is the story of a man who heard God and followed, then kept on listening and following. It occurs to me that that’s precisely what faith is.... Continue Reading →

Like a kid in a candy store

Recently I have been learning about giving. As someone who, for ten years now, has lived and worked relying entirely on the gifts of others, it’s easy to get a skewed perspective as a receiver. I have to say that since relocating to the UK in January 2012, things haven’t been easy and finances have... Continue Reading →

Fresh Guidance?

Last week I wrote about some of the keys to fruitfulness in life and ministry. Here’s a question I have engaged with a bit recently: ‘if things aren’t going well, does that mean we are doing the wrong thing?’ Good question, hey?! I know that I for one don’t want to be wasting my time... Continue Reading →

not yet good….

We are currently in the midst of a mission/training/pilgrimage program called the Fusion UK Summer Experience. As part of this we are following a daily journal that myself and my colleague, Anika put together. The psalm on Friday was the 84th psalm – a classic pilgrim song. I was struck as I read it on... Continue Reading →

Rowing Blind

  Just over a week ago I was in Leptocorea, a small coastal town just an hour’s drive south of Thessaloniki, Greece. After a day in transit in London enroot from South Africa we had landed in Thessaloniki where we were met by two team mates who had arrived earlier and hired a car. We... Continue Reading →

Gifted Citroen

It is such a relief to recognise God’s favour and his hand at work in your life! I don’t doubt that he is always at work and showing us his favour – actually if I am honest I do go through times when I doubt, but usually the difficulty is that I just haven’t seen... Continue Reading →

A bit like Mary

Easter this year was different from me. I am not really sure how to explain the last few weeks, partly because I don’t think the journey is over. This year, on Easter Sunday as I was part of the worship service at Oxford Community Church, listening to the account of Mary Madeleine at the tomb,... Continue Reading →

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