Chocolate and Carbonara

This weekend I had the chance to cook a meal with my goddaughter.  Earlier this year I gave her a copy of Jamie’s 15minute meals and since then we have two family dinner dates. She choses the recipe then we set about shopping and cooking together then the whole family gather round the table in... Continue Reading →

Down to the last drop

It seems that there are some really important truths that can only be experienced in a place of weakness and frailty. Frankly that sucks, but there it is. I have been recently experiencing what feels like some early signs of burn out. Whatever it is I have come to a place where I feel utterly... Continue Reading →

Reaching Out

Most mornings this week I have struggled to get out of bed and meet the day; the thought of all the tasks and people who inevitably will demand my careful and attention has been a little overwhelming. There have been times when my carefully planned time has been fractured by interruptions which have, well, interrupted... Continue Reading →

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