on a tangent…

I spent last weekend at The Mill retreat centre with a pretty special bunch of people. It was Fusion’s National Conference. Right now we are in a period of unprecedented transition as we mark the end of the first 10 years of our journey in the UK, release key members of our leadership team into... Continue Reading →


I have a dream

Who am I? My name is Claire and I am part of an organisation called Fusion. Ah yes, you work with university students!! No, not that Fusion, we are Fusion Youth and Community, we’ve been going for about 50 years….. We are a registered charity working with disadvantaged children and young people to see them... Continue Reading →

welcome home claire!

After a four month silence, I am back! Since I last wrote I have been part of Fusion’s Annual British Pilgrimage of Hope, attended an International Forum, moved house, purchased a new EOS camera, helped run a one week intensive on personal and community transformation, and started developing a new training program for community development... Continue Reading →

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