The Prince of Peace has Power.

This is part one of a series of reflections and lessons learnt in my battle for peace of mind. I owe this lesson to Candace Johnson from the Bethel leadership team who preached on the subject earlier this year. Through the sharing of her own journey with anxiety, I recognised that I had some deeply... Continue Reading →


In the mirror of the Father’s love

Someone had a picture during morning prayers of a person looking at themselves in a cracked and broken mirror. The Father showed me that if I looked in the mirror of his love for me, I would see a truer and clearer image both of myself and my past. I asked him to show me... Continue Reading →

His Full Reward

I have been thinking more specifically about Jesus’ inheritance. The bible speaks about the nations being his inheritance. It also speaks about the joy set before him and the reward he receives for his suffering and death on the cross in our place. At the end of his time on earth, after his resurrection, he... Continue Reading →

Coming Back

Hello again! Well, its been a while, 10 months in fact, since I was last blogging semi regularly. Life has been full, but over the last couple of weeks I have completed a series of about 10 blogs which I will start posting shortly. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for waiting patiently! Claire

Transforming Neighbourhoods: Discipling Communities.

Last Saturday we had the 11th annual South Reading Churches Fun Day with an estimated 5000 community members in attendance. It was just fabulous watching people move from being spectators to participators and having a whale of a time! It had me reminiscing about the different communities where I have helped facilitate community building festivals;... Continue Reading →

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