Lowly and Meek… yet All-Powerful

One of the key things that Candace Johnson also shared in her sermon was the importance of Philippians 4:8 in the battle for our minds. This is part of an entire passage where Paul shares some of the secrets to doing life so that our minds and souls are really experiencing the rule and reign... Continue Reading →

Every Thought Captive

To fight the battle against those strongholds of anxious thought, I knew I needed to learn how to be ‘present’ in a given moment. For many of us we spend most of our time replaying the past (good or bad) or rehearsing the future (with hope or fear); for me most of my night time... Continue Reading →

His Full Reward

I have been thinking more specifically about Jesus’ inheritance. The bible speaks about the nations being his inheritance. It also speaks about the joy set before him and the reward he receives for his suffering and death on the cross in our place. At the end of his time on earth, after his resurrection, he... Continue Reading →

Coming Back

Hello again! Well, its been a while, 10 months in fact, since I was last blogging semi regularly. Life has been full, but over the last couple of weeks I have completed a series of about 10 blogs which I will start posting shortly. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for waiting patiently! Claire

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