Transforming Neighbourhoods: Discipling Communities.

Last Saturday we had the 11th annual South Reading Churches Fun Day with an estimated 5000 community members in attendance. It was just fabulous watching people move from being spectators to participators and having a whale of a time! It had me reminiscing about the different communities where I have helped facilitate community building festivals;... Continue Reading →

Debating British Values … Why bother?

Last week I took part in a survey by the Evangelical Alliance on British values. The survey was in response to assertions by the British Government on what the Nation’s values are. This subject is one that is close to my heart so I thought I would share three short reflections. Values don’t just happen,... Continue Reading →

the Benign Perogative

What happens when we lose hope of being shown mercy and receiving justice? It’s interesting that those who have been the victims of injustice seek more for mercy than justice. I think it’s because mercy is the process of being seen, heard and understood. Justice is the affirmation of true boundaries. Without mercy there can... Continue Reading →

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