May in Paris

Welcome to Paris!! Well, actually we stayed with Marty and Jen in Chantilly, just outside Paris. This was just one month ago!!! And in between meetings, red wine and Jenny’s home cooked meals, we headed out to the city one afternoon.

We visited the most expensive square in the city, Place de Vosges, wonderfully set with a park in the middle that’s open to the public. Here Victor Hugo once lived – author of Les Miserables and one of my heroes.

Just around the corner is a small ice cream shop whose speciality is to take your chosen flavours and create exquisite roses out of them. Decadence at not too high a price – I really enjoyed mine!


For dinner we strolled across to the jewish quarter where we had the best falafel meal i have ever encountered! I think this was at L’As du Fallafel, it’s in the T of a small T junction in the quarter, there’s another falafel shop opposite on the corner, but the one you want is notorious for having long cues waiting both for takeaway and to eat in – we ate in, and it was well worth the wait!

At the end of our few days I spent a morning and afternoon with friends – we had coffee in Chantilly (fabulous) then headed to Sanlis for market day where we sampled their fresh made to order savoury crepes for lunch and then stumbled on a beautiful catholic church and grounds. We ended up getting caught in a deluge around siesta time and struggling to find a place to shelter – eventually we found a tea shop (not so good with the coffee!) where we dried off and i videoed an interview with Lysienna!!

Thank you Paris, it was good!!

(next year we’ll be in Poland.)


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