Sound the Retreat

I have just returned from my annual bolt to Ffald y Brenin Christian Retreat Centre. My primary achievement – I feel human again; job done!!

Ffald y Brenin is a little place on a hill in Pembrokeshire, some 20minutes drive from the tiny coastal town of Fishguard. It looks over a valley that’s home to some 120 residents and a little primary school. 30 minutes gentle walk on and over the hill will get you to the coast itself.  I have had the pleasure of encountering wild ponies on the open land that way.

This place, Ffald y Brenin, which is welsh for ‘Sheepfold of the King’, is remarkable for many reasons. It is a thin place; one where it is easy to sense the tangible presence of Almighty God. It is a place of deep, healing beauty. The beauty is in the gardens, it’s in the buildings, it’s in the atmosphere, the people who clean, the people to pray and the many who travel from all corners of the world just to be there.

It’s my centring place, a point of recalibration and reference. It’s a place of rhythm. Prayer is the centre point . This is the place where I come home to myself and my Father, to the life He has given me and called me to. I hope you get there some day.

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