Ponta de Piedade and Lagos

After a morning playing ‘in-the-sun-out-the-rain’ between the balcony and indoors yesterday, Anika and I decided to head towards the patch of blue skye to the west of us. It was just a 7 minute drive, but the difference was fabulous – comes of being on the coast I guess? I spent a happy time taking pics of the sand rock formations and soaking in the rich red colours. We weren’t the only ones who’d taken their chances with the weather, it was fun being surrounded by so many European languages!

On our way back we stopped by Praia Dona Anna, the visit was cut short by a sudden deluge – not sure how the people on the beach below us fared. Access to the beach is via a stair case of some hundred steps or more.

Since the weather today was a little more promising we ventured into the historic town of Lagos. It was a nice walk from our apartment and we got to peek over local residents walls and admire their gardens! The streets in the old town were narrow and cobbled, but apart from the 16th century city walls and 17th century fortress, it doesn’t feel particularly old-worldy. There are lots of tourist orientated restaurants, which look great; but surprisingly few cafes or places specialising in Portuguese cuisine that we could find…. although it is Sunday, which might explain things … perhaps we need to try again another day!

I definitely had a lot more fun with my camera yesterday.

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