Transient, Impermanent, yet Profoundly Powerful…

In the battle for my mind one of the ground breaking things I have learnt about is the transient nature of my thoughts. I can be thinking a certain way about something or someone and then a few hours later my thoughts towards them have completely changed. Equally when I choose, I can stop a thought in its tracks and replace it with something else without too much effort. Where do my thoughts come from, particularly the unbidden ones?

I realise the answer to this question is deeply complex but it has been said that by the time a thought reaches our conscious awareness it has passed through the filter of our (unconscious) belief system. Our belief systems are put together as we go through life interpreting and internalising all that we experience; and some of the things we internalise may well contradict each other. Basically our thoughts are often driven from deep within and have more to do with our past, our brokenness and our fears for the future than present reality.

Coupled to this however has been the growing awareness of the profound power that my thoughts have on how I feel – not just emotionally but also physically. I can think a fearful thought about a situation or person and within seconds I can sense the effects of adrenaline in my body bringing about the symptoms of anxiety.

I have found a number of ways of applying these new awarenesses in the battle for my mind. Firstly, it’s helped reinforce the ease and appropriateness of ‘taking every thought captive’ and bringing it in line with the Prince of Peace. Secondly by understanding where in my belief systems and past wounds different thoughts have their origin, I can invite and welcome healing at the source. Thirdly, by managing my thoughts I can change the physical, hormonal milieu of my body so it’s in a much more healthy state.

(I really do hope you find these things helpful, they have been changing my life!)

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