Every Thought Captive

To fight the battle against those strongholds of anxious thought, I knew I needed to learn how to be ‘present’ in a given moment. For many of us we spend most of our time replaying the past (good or bad) or rehearsing the future (with hope or fear); for me most of my night time thoughts were in these two areas. But, whether day or night, both of these activities take us away from the ‘here and now’. Did the King of my heart and my life want me to be fretting over the past or the future, or did he want me to be present with him in the here and now? The answer was obvious! This was all about taking captive every thought and making it obedient to Jesus.

Since Jesus was King of my life, my mind, my soul, my body, my everything, then it made sense to bring my thoughts under his rule and reign. God has ordained the night for sleep and rest, and the day for work and activity – being awake during both night and day was clearly not part of God’s design or will. (Even for those of us working shifts, a 24 hours cycle is split between time for rest and time for activity, be that day or night.) At night time though, in that space between dozing and being awake, I found it almost impossible to intercept my thoughts. It was like I was a passive passenger on the runaway train of my thoughts. So I began to pray; ‘Dear Jesus, I need you to be the strength within me that enables me to take my thoughts captive before they run away with me.’ Time and again I was conscious of Him answering this prayer, I began dropping off to sleep soon after waking in the night. About three weeks into the battle, I was sleeping up to 3 nights out of 5! What a miracle!

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