The Prince of Peace has Power.

This is part one of a series of reflections and lessons learnt in my battle for peace of mind.

I owe this lesson to Candace Johnson from the Bethel leadership team who preached on the subject earlier this year. Through the sharing of her own journey with anxiety, I recognised that I had some deeply ingrained habits of thought that kept me in a constant state of anxiety. I was also able to see in a fresh way how our minds can be very much like the massive storm that the disciples found themselves in one night on the Sea of Galilee. Our anxious thoughts, like the disciples get more and more frantic and our worst fears look like becoming reality, until we eventually (hopefully) realise that Jesus is in the boat with us. When the Prince of Peace arises in the arena of our mind, he can take authority over the waves and wind of our thoughts and bring complete peace.

As I went to battle against these habits of thought, I began at night to invite Jesus, the Prince of Peace to take his place as King of my mind. Something changed in the night and in my soul as I became conscious of the truth of Jesus presence with me. I have suffered from insomnia on and off all my adult life; when I am experiencing stress in life, the first place it shows is in my sleep. For three months I had not been able to sleep more than 3 or 4 hours without a sleeping tablet, but now I could see why, and I was on the road to discovering how I could find health again.

‘Jesus, Prince of Peace please arise in me now and take the authority that is yours in my mind.’ This became a regular prayer of mine in the night. I still was awake for many hours in the night but being conscious of His presence with me made the hours less stressful and exhausting. The battle wasn’t won yet though, there was still more for me to learn!

Podcast of Candace Johnson sharing her journey with finding Peace.


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