His Chosen Inheritance

I have recently been blown away by the fact that you and I are God’s inheritance and he is ours.

He chose us before he even created the world, to be his inheritance. We are his chosen inheritance, he wants you and me! I just find that amazing. And so the story since then is about the lengths to which he goes to make sure he receives his inheritance. He knew that sin would mess things up and destroy us, his inheritance, so he dealt with sin himself so that he could still be with us. But it’s never been a given, he gave us free will so that we could choose not to be with him, so we could choose not to be his inheritance, but his intention is quite clear.

And that’s not all, as his inheritance, he chose to give us an inheritance… he chose to make us heirs of all that he is. In order for this to work and be a permanent thing, he made sure that we could become his actual sons and daughters, part of the family, not just servants or even friends. Only then would the inheritance he has for us be ours, forever. What is that inheritance? Again, it’s him, himself and all that he has. His presence and indwelling with us by Holy Spirit is just a deposit – o my goodness – there’s so much more to come and I know that I certainly haven’t learnt to walk in the fullness of life with Holy Spirit now. Amazing!

So yes, we are the Father’s inheritance and he is ours.

‘Lord You alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing…. the land you have given me is a pleasant land, what a wonderful inheritance!’ PS16:5&6

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