Prayer for the Nation.

Last night our church gathered for an evening of prayer. It was a lovely time, prayer stations where people could engage with different areas and concerns were scattered around the building. I was running the station focusing on praying for our nation, especially in light of the elections coming up this Thursday.
Following on from my post last week, prayer is the vital core of community transformation. All our action must be birthed, bathed and followed in prayer, because prayer is listening to and hearing the voice of God and he has directions to give us if we care to find out.
Last night we used the Caleb Prayer:
Oh High King of Heaven, have mercy on our land: revive your Church, send Holy Spirit for the sake of the children and may Your kingdom come to our nation in Jesus’ might name.
And we used the Lord’s prayer:
Our Father in Heaven, hallowed (honoured) be Your name.
Your Kingdom come and Your will be done here in this land as it is in Heaven.
Give us (our people) today our daily bread. Forgive us our sin as we forgive those who sin against us.
And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.
For yours is the Kingdom, all the Power and all the Glory –
Forever and Ever. AMEN!

Spending time in both these prayers can help us get in touch with the depths of God’s heart for our land.
We watched the following videos which I really encourage you to take a look at. This first one is a call out to the people of God to think practically about transforming our society and its culture. There are so many areas of our society that we aren’t fully invested in as a people of God, but that is exactly what is needed if we are to take part in seeing God’s kingdom come in the UK.

This second video helps us to see the amazing work that the church is doing to heal the wounds of brokenness in our nation. But it challenges us to take on the things, the systems that are currently in place and allowing that brokenness to persist.

When we pray with our whole selves we not only spend time conversing directly with Holy Spirit, but we also let those conversations flow out and impact our choices and actions. This week in the UK we have a chance and responsibility to vote. Across the globe today people live and die to have a voice in their nation’s policies. My colleague said last week, “Whenever there is an opportunity to vote, I take it, even if it’s just something at the local library! I always think, people fought hard and gave their lives so that I could vote; so to honour them, I will!”. We may feel that our vote wont make a difference, and I get that, but not voting simply reinforces the status quo, instead, let’s do the work to make sure our vote does count! Our responsibilities don’t end with voting, there is work to do next week to see God’s kingdom come and his mercy poured out across our land.

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