Of Priests and Kings

Our team in Whitley, Reading have recently completed a research project into the needs and resources of the community. Our motivation was to discover God’s heart for the community and find out some of his plans in bringing us to this community. I am slowly understanding more of what it means to be part of His royal priesthood.
As Christians we are a Holy Nation of royal priests. This has been what God wanted of ‘his people’ since the very beginning. His plan has been that the whole of creation would consciously experience his loving rule and redemption. Jesus came announcing the Gospel that His Kingdom rule had begun and that it extended across the entire world, not just over Israel. The arrival of Jesus was the commencement of the Kingdom of God and his rule, the commencement of New Creation where everything is put to rights – Shalom! (take a moment to experience the joy of this news that never tires!)
As royalty and priests in this Kingdom it appears we have a fairly clear role to play. Firstly as priests our job is to intercede for and bless the whole of creation around us – the people we meet, our neighbours and family, our community, the whole land, the water ways and atmosphere, our society and all its structures and systems. Whatever we find our hearts turn to, but also the rest of it too. Our job is to bless in the name of our God, it should be obvious to spot where the people of God have been carrying out their role as priests in a place; both the land and the people with all their wholesome endeavours will be evidence of the blessings spoken over them day after day.
Secondly as royalty we carry the authority of the King and his house, we are his family members and he has given us the keys to his entire Kingdom! As royal ambassadors it’s our job to establish and express his Kingdom rule as he expands his Kingdom across the world. By His Spirit in us we have the authority to permit or to disallow things on earth based on whether or not they are in line with the King’s ways and rule. We are to take on the things in our communities and society that are not in line with God’s ways. At the top of the list, we are to ensure that the poor and the orphans are cared for and the weak and voiceless are protected. It’s our job, not someone else’s.
So, in Whitley, we will continue to stand with the rest of the family of God in the community and bless that place! We will keep interceding in prayer for the people and the land. And we will put our hands to the things that will bring God’s Kingdom rule to the community.

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