Our Choices Do Not Limit God

Our choices do not limit God.

He, he himself, chooses when and how and why to limit himself. As I reflect on my time in South Africa recently, there are many things I have seen and learnt especially as I now look back on the journey; most of all about grace.

As we look back on our past, we see two journeys have been unfolding. One journey is that of the Father wooing us to himself, and the choices we make in response to him. The second is one of God’s grace and faithfulness, his love and life and action in us and through us, his purposes unfolding despite the choices we made.

Many of those with whom we spent the last two weeks underwent fairly major shifts in paradigm. For some church leaders even their frameworks for understanding God’s nature and his work in and through them was completely turned upside down. As we all continue on this journey of allowing Holy Spirit to reorder our frameworks we need to remember grace. We need to look back and see that God is always calling us to a closer love relationship with him where we become more like him and live as Jesus did; but even when we are far from where he wants us to be, he chooses to still pour out his life and grace through us to those around us. We don’t get our lives in order so that God can do stuff, we get our lives in order in response to his incredible love for us, and the rest is entirely up to him.

I am so grateful that despite my many failings and weaknesses, Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit have brought life and healing and wholeness and strength and New Creation to every single one of us during those two weeks, including myself.

This is yet more evidence of the power of grace.

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