Cover me in the day of war

I am just reading the second book in the Lion of War series. Since Lord of the Rings I haven’t read anything so gripping that has caused me so many late nights; I also haven’t read anything quite so blood thirsty before! It’s the story of David of Judah, Israel and his Mighty Men in high definition, up close and personal. If you’re not of a sensitive disposition I highly recommend the series, so far.

The thing that has stayed with me from the first book is how David and The Three, before and during any confrontation would ask Yaweh to ‘cover them in the day of war’.  The story is of their journey with Yaweh, trusting him and following him then relying and moving with him in those moments that most count when lives were on the line. Then there is a conversation that nails the theme; David explains, every day is a ‘day of war’. For me again, this is a powerful reminder of how my life depends on me staying with God, staying under his covering as I go through each day.

Coincidentally a verse that came up recently in Daily Light was 2 Thessalonians 16 and 17. It talks about how Jesus and God the father give us eternal comfort and wonderful hope (how cool is that?), but as well as that, they comfort us and strengthen us in the midst of what we are doing and saying. This speaks to me of a God who is close up and personal – he doesn’t just send direction and glib encouragement from his ivory tower somewhere in heaven. Not only that, though, he doesn’t just give us a good pep talk, envisioning us and revving us up before sending us out into the field to fight the battle; he is close enough to us in the battle to strengthen and comfort us in the midst of whatever it is we are doing.

This week I felt it was right to send this verse to a colleague; that evening he and his team had a hectic time at youth café during which they needed to call the police in three times in the space of two hours! But they kept their cool, the kids were cared for, boundaries were held – it was terrifying and exhausting but I think God was covering them in the day of war.

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