Are we really ready?


SO last time I mentioned about the massive job that seems to be becoming clearer for all of us Christ-followers. At some point soon God’s going to start doing something new across the country, and the number of people actively looking for him and wanting to meet him will rise significantly. Churches are getting pretty excited about this, and rightly so. Often what happens when this change occurs is that the number of opportunities for people to gather at church goes up significantly, which is great. This is when gatherings learn to host God’s presence, people are learning to worship and wait on God together and lives are being touched, its really good!

But I suspect that this time there is more that God wants to do, more that’s going to be needed.

The job now is to equip today’s Christ followers so that wherever they are, not only are they able to help people meet God, but they are able to actually mentor them in following Christ, living in grace and applying their faith. It’s going to be all hands on deck! The church gatherings, though vital, aren’t going to be enough. The depth of transformation that I suspect God has in mind is going to require people in every workplace and sector, in every street and council estate, in every corridor of power, to be ready. Ready to see what God is doing and walk in step; ready to disciple a nation.

Imagine from the grass roots up and the corridors of power down, little pockets of Christ followers wrestling with what it means to be both just and merciful; dialoguing about how their faith informs what choices they make; learning what God teaches in his word and how to apply it. Not only will our nation be changed but the global impact will be colossal.

As in the days of Wesley and his compatriots, the transformation of society will come in the wake of revival, this time, however, it wont just be our society that is transformed, the effects will be global. We now live in a global village. However it is still true that it takes a village to raise a child, its just that the village is bigger now. The values that drive our society now have a direct impact on the two year old in that remote village in the amazon. That child needs God to move in our nation, that child needs today’s church to get ready to work with God tomorrow on the transformation of society.


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