The Apple of His Eye

Last Sunday I had the privilege of attending the dedication of the youngest child of some friends of mine. I wonder if a dedication service, the promises that we make to one another as a fellowship, at our best I wonder if all that is another outward expression of a profound inward reality. Children are very precious, rather like the poor, perhaps because they are poor in many ways, they are the apple of God’s eye and we desperately need them; it is when we see and honour them that we are at our best, both as individuals and a society. Perhaps the clearest barometer of a people’s health is the wellbeing of their children, their poor, their orphans and their visitors. That is what Toynbee seemed to indicate. It is a deep sickness that allows us to do or permit harm to those entrusted to us by God himself. I hope I will be more sensitive to this throughout the next year.

Just a thought.

2 thoughts on “The Apple of His Eye

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  1. Hi there, love. It’s been a challenging day, swimming against the cultural tide in terms of how we want to look after our little one. But this has comforted and offered some value to my feelings. Thank you xxx

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