Sally and me…

I have been very remiss at not filling you in on my progress with the camera. Well to be honest it’s been a trying journey so far! Armed with a few online tutorial sessions and a new camera case I have been getting to know my camera. I should name it really – anything to make it will feel less weird when I talk about getting to know it! Hmmmm… how about Sally, in memory of a talking watch for whom some friends of mine wrote a song, yes, that’ll do nicely!

Rural Ghana with my old point and shoot
Rural Ghana with my old point and shoot

So I’d say Sally and I are a long way off being friends, definitely still in the ‘getting acquainted’ stage. The manual settings are slowly being demystified, I am still trading off clarity for ambience with indoor shots. Mainly because I am really not liking the way the flash strips away any warmth from a setting. My brother is going pro and has a fancy flash that does its job of lighting the shot without denuding it of all feeling. So I am working out how to get enough depth of field particularly for indoor group shots, whilst still keeping the exposure high enough. Although I am disappointed that my lack of skill has meant I have missed several opportunities, I am loving the problem solving aspect of working out what I need to do to get things right – its fun having something entirely different from my normal work-a-day life for my mind to tick over on.

Graduation of Certificate 4 - with my point and shoot
Graduation of Certificate 4 – with my point and shoot
with Sally!
with Sally!

Occasionally I have found myself reminiscing about the days with my Panasonic with which I took some pretty decent shots, and in contrast to recent experience, I did very little cropping of pictures! Now I am needing to crop a fair bit or sigh as I look at what could have been a great picture apart from the fact that the donkey has lost his nose or the shepherd is missing the top of his head!!

Well, the journey continues….. come on Sally!

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