one week on and the story continues

Life had been somewhat full in the week between days one and two. We all started the day a little more tired than last week, or perhaps it was that the excitement of the first day was gone and reality was beginning to hit! I felt prepared but less ‘pumped’ than last week.

Once again the teams from Preston, Cape Town and Haddenham were represented but this time Lorena was able to join us from Albania. It was lovely, she has a baby boy just a few months old, so there was something very special about being able to welcome her into the class. Lorena is a key part of Fusion Albania’s core leadership and for her not to be excluded from the training opportunity is huge. I love that we are finding ways for anyone to participate who needs both the training and the fellowship with others outside their context. These are people in leadership who have given their lives for Christ, his mission and the team around them; they are worthy of every effort to make things work.

Team Cape Town hit some internal coordination difficulties so we were down to just two of them and no microphone! Not only could we not see them but we were relying on ‘chat’ to hear from them. The fact that they hung in there and maintained their engagement throughout the day was testimony to their patience but also I think their desire to grow and or be connected to the broader group.

At this stage of the course we are really laying foundations from which to explore mission, leadership and how to go about transforming our societies. Exploring how each of our personal journeys is part of God’s eternal work through history and how he calls us to be in mission with him. In the book of Acts, discussing 6 Radical Decisions, looking at Personal Narrative, Self Management and journaling, we have been discussing what it means to distinguish between the work of God and the work of our own needs and drivers within us; living with Christ at the heart and living with ‘us’ at the heart. Surely this is the nature of discipleship and mentoring others; indeed it could be said that mission is about seeking God’s best in time and space, bringing his response to those around us.

Next week we get to hear from each other as each of us share our journey with the group; its going to be a precious time.

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