Cooking with Jamie…. on your marks, get set….

So here’s the plan, there are 50 meals in Jamie’s book. I don’t want to try them all, that would just be insane and I do have other things to manage in life….. but I will be in my new home for just 4 more months… so I could aim for three a month, that’s 9 meals!! Next thing is to decide which meals to do… I will need to make them gluten free for Skyebee or cook an alternative… I am also on a tight budget…. if you have a copy of the book, check out the contents page and if you’d like to, suggest a meal for me to try.

I am quite excited about this project, as I explained in an earlier post, this is my way of welcoming home a part of me that has been buried for a few years, the part that loves to create and particularly enjoys sharing a meal with friends. I enjoy cooking, usually I am a bit of a free spirit, I generally use recipes as a rough guide or starting point, so I am looking forward to finding out how things are actually supposed to be done!! Life has become very full in recent years and months and  perhaps because its quick and easy, I find myself cooking a lot of the same things over and over again, one of the things in my mind when I spotted the cookbook was the desire to expand again and get creative!

So here we go, next week I hope to have my first meal to report on….  yey!

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