welcome home claire!

After a four month silence, I am back! Since I last wrote I have been part of Fusion’s Annual British Pilgrimage of Hope, attended an International Forum, moved house, purchased a new EOS camera, helped run a one week intensive on personal and community transformation, and started developing a new training program for community development teams. So there is much to catch you up on, which I am very much looking forward to doing!

A highlight has been my recent house move, I find myself in a lovely place that has been home to me previously. It is a cosy little three bed semi that I have for six months while the owners are in their second home in Chile. One of the great delights of having a place where I can ‘spread out’ and settle for more than a week or two, is I get to rediscover old belongings that have been in storage for years. What has taken me by surprise this time, however, is in so doing I am becoming reacquainted with a Claire that has been packed away and forgotten. Favourite clothes, books, craft materials, CDs, have all conspired to re-awake the creative me, the me who enjoys wearing beautiful clothes, who smiles at colour and vibrancy, and loves home-making, a Claire that comes alive making and enjoying meals with friends. In the last few years I have moved around a lot, carrying just what was needed for a functional life so I would get the job done whether in South Africa, Canada, Australia or the UK; in doing so I packed away an important part of my heart.

To welcome this part of me home again, there are two things I want to do, and as a way of being accountable I thought I would share the journey with you through this blog. (I hope you don’t mind!) The first has to do with my new camera, I have always enjoyed photography but not having owned a DSLR before, I am on a steep learning curve and loving it! Secondly as I already mentioned, one way I enjoy being creative is in cooking for others, yesterday I spotted a copy of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals in the kitchen and I have decided to have a go at some of them. Well, that’s it, I have said it, all that’s left now is to do it. Welcome home, Claire.

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