It is November 2011, I am in Poatina village, Tasmania. My heart is somewhat heavy as I consider the journey i find myself on with my brothers and sisters, as I consider the future… as I sense the depth of God’s compassion towards us, his unequivocal, complete response to us on the cross. And I pray these words:

We have become weary of soul, we have done unwise things, we have lost our joy in your presence and we have lost our sight and vision, we have not seen clearly.

Father would you bring your word to us once again, that we might together be revived again, that we would know the moment and be wise, that our joy in you would be restored and we would once more see clearly – see you, your path and each other.

  • The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.
  • The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple
  • The commandments of the Lord are right bringing joy to the heart.
  • The commands of the Lord are pure, enlightening the eyes.


God’s word, that is Jesus, brings life, joy, wisdom and vision.

It is July 2012, I am in Oxford, UK. My heart draws strength as I read and pray these words again and consider that although we have not yet reached the destination, we are not where we were, and God’s compassion has not wavered.


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