Explore the past, engage the present, dream the future.

Its here again!
A chance to take part in three weeks of Training, Mission and Pilgrimage that could help transform the UK and prepare us for our future!

Scores of young adults and the young at heart from across the UK, Europe and the world, will convene this summer for a Pilgrimage of Hope that could see their lives and the streets of the UK transformed.

Pilgrims will be learning from the lives of Shaftsbury, Wilberforce, Wesley and others who changed the course of history as they stood up for justice, mercy and compassion. After three days of training in community transformation, they will get to work in teams of 10, alongside local Christians running community events in their neighbourhoods – one step in a long term strategy of mission and service. Through celebrating the London games, teams working with local churches will help their communities experience a taste of God’s kingdom – the way life was meant to be.

Then after eight days of mission, pilgrims will re-convene for a life defining journey to Iona and Lindisfarne and from there, retrace the steps of some of the heroes of our faith whilst sharing and learning together with fellow pilgrims from diverse backgrounds and nations what it means to live a life sold out for Christ, bringing his life and love to our streets and neighbourhoods today.

Fusion youth and community UK, is part of an International Christian movement that had its origins in Australia more than 50 years ago. For many years pilgrimages have been a core part of their strategy for youth work, discipleship and community development, from Australia’s journey to the heart visiting Uluru, to the life of Paul in Ancient Greece or the exploration of redemption in Jamaica’s story of a people obliterated by the slave trade. Through these pilgrimages hundreds of young people have experienced the transforming work of Christ’s love, many have committed themselves to a life of Christian service and mission and whole communities have experienced reconciliation and an encounter with God’s redemptive purpose. Here in the UK as young and old tap into the rich redemptive stories from present day heroes to the reformers of the 19th century and the first celtic missionaries, we hear the call once again of Christ’s love that compels us to make a difference in our day.

This years Annual British Pilgrimage of Hope runs from the 22nd July through to the 9th of August.

To find out more about the Annual British Pilgrimage of Hope, email us at pilgrimage@fusionyac.org , visit our website on http://www.fusionyac.org/pilgrimage or call us on +441844 299 329.

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