Now give me this mountain!

Yesterday as I was chatting with a friend i found myself saying, ‘I love my life!’. This week has been like many others – incredibly full. The nature of my life and work is that I have more than twelve separate and substantial areas of responsibility and concern, each with its own set of relationships (often spread across the world), resources and purpose. So you can imagine it doesn’t take anything out of the ordinary for me to experience a full week!

But this week there was a special sense of just being with God in it all. I revisited Psalm 23, for me its like a favourite bench on a well loved trail. I just hadn’t walked the trail, or sat down to enjoy the view for a while. It was just the first two lines this week – ‘ the Lord is my shepherd, i have everything i need.’ There are lots of things i would like to happen or to have, both personally and in ministry, but i have been very conscious this week that in fact i have everything i need. And so for example although i dont yet have a home as such, i am not homeless, i am provided for, in this moment, i dont need a home. I have a car, it was given to me, and i know that when i need a home i will see God manoeuvre things so that i have one – i love my life!

And I guess, as i have rested in that awareness this week, i have found joy and fellowship with Jesus as i have done life. I have felt alive as we have faced mountains in different areas, its not been easy, i have lost sleep and got frustrated and cross, but its been good to roll up my sleeves, get my hands dirty and move some mountains with my God. Today I am enjoying having a rest, but tomorrow i hope i will be ready to say, once more like Caleb – ‘Now give me this mountain!’.

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