Shalom at Easter

Easter and Christmas are funny times! There’s the excitement of public holidays, time off work to spend with friends and family, going for long walks or doing those ‘bank holiday jobs’ that usually get left till ‘next time’. Then there’s the niggling reminders that the holidays are in actual fact, sacraments – a practical reminder of a profound reality.

This morning as I started the day I came across the words ‘ For Christ himself is our peace’ (Eph 2:14). Yesterday a precious friend and I were sharing the journey we had each taken over the last year. Both of us coming to the end of our thirties, the journey of the last decade has been pretty different to what we had known 15 years ago. There has been and continues to be a lot of waiting, waiting for God to answer. Waiting requires patience, but when, like me, patience is not in abundance, waiting comes all mixed up with frustration, disappointment, disillusionment, doubt, faith and the odd ray of hope! We shared the reality of the struggles of this way and its resulting deepening faith and trust in a faithful God who truly knows.

Today it was good to take a moment in midst of all the waiting and emotions that accompany it. To quietly consider something of the ‘via dolorosa’ that was just a small part of all it cost for me to be able to say to the God of the Universes; ‘Abba, Daddy – God’. As I did, in that moment, I knew again that the God who chose to give everything just so that I could be restored to him, would hold nothing back that made for my Shalom. Shalom, the peace of God, everything coming into its rightful place the way God designed and intended it.

Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again. The past can be over, a new life and creation has begun, God is unfolding his purposes, bringing everything into its rightful place as he designed it. I waited patiently for the Lord… for he himself is my Shalom. (Ps 40:1/Eph2:14)

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