Foundations hits the spot again.

You may have heard that we just completed a foundations course here in the UK, I thought it would be good to write and share a bit of what the journey was like. Initially we were disappointed that many who had hoped to join us were not able to, for example 5 Ukrainians had their visa applications declined a couple of days before the start of the course. It quickly became clear however that, despite all this, the week would be a significant one for all present and for the team. The venue we were at is a Christian retreat run by a small Christian community who meet twice a day for prayer and communion – we were very conscious of them carrying us in prayer throughout the week.

Each participant went on a significant journey and at the course debrief described paradigm shifts, gestalts and rearranging priorities as they headed home. Everyone present was there together with at least one other member of a team they worked with. At the end of Living in the Kingdom Now it was fabulous to see people praying individually or in their teams as they committed to the next step in the journey God has them on. We are excited to see what God does as a result.

There is a fresh sense of hope and expectancy in the UK team as we head into what is the biggest year so far for us. There is excitement as the UK, Greek and Polish stories become more integrated as we move into 2012 and as Anika Parker becomes more integrated into Fusion UK and Fusion Europe & International and as the partnership between Fusion and Youth For Christ continues to deepen. Please pray for us as we seek to bring the necessary management and leadership that will facilitate, maximise and build on what has started.

God really did amazing things amongst us last week and as we prepare for the next course in October, we are working on what it will mean to have a number of ex prison inmates who have come to faith through a remarkable Alpha – prison ministry taking place here in Oxford. The October course will also be for those wanting to explore next steps following the Jubilee movement, More than Gold opportunities and the British Pilgrimage in July/August.

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