In January 2012 I have the chance to join the training team running a Foundations course in Jamaica. Foundations in and of itself is such a remarkable, integrating experience, its always a privilege to be part of a course. But there are other reasons why this one is significant. There will be a crew of participants coming over from Canada; you may recall i spent most of 2010 in Canada. One of the things taking place during that time was the establishment of Fusion Americas. The training partnership with Taylor was emerging and we were exploring how Fusion Canada and Fusion Caribbean could work together more. Throughout 2011 this has been developing steadily. The potential of the educational and cultural exchange possible is huge as people from relatively rich Canada have the chance to experience life in Kingston, and youngsters, adults and leaders alike from both settings sit together under God’s word and engage with some of life’s hard questions. I am really looking forward to being part of what God does there, and to seeing some of the guys i got to know and work with while i was in Canada!

Also on the cards is the participation in the course of a community leader from Venezuela and one from Haiti. The dream has been for some time to see Fusion Caribbean support and capacity build local teams in Caribbean countries other than Jamaica, so this could be an early step towards that end. And the prayer has been to likewise, one day make Fusion’s training and ‘DNA’ available to local teams in mainland Latin America. Since i was 14 years old, i have had a heart to see God’s compassion expressed in Latin America. So all in all this course promises to be a significant one!

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