mirror mirror on the wall…

I have just completed one of those online questionnaires that generates a profile of your strengths and tendencies. In fact it was my second shot, I did it for the first time a few days ago.  Some of the results are hilarious – a delightful combination of accuracy and absurdity; for example, when communicating with me ‘ Do Not stand within three feet of me’ and whatever you do, don’t touch me! And one statement which I am tempted to milk for all its worth, has me requiring tangible rewards for ALL assignments achieved – not just verbal praise… that means gifts and NICE things!!! Yey!!! (actually I cant think of anything more patronizing…. really, after every assignment?) Some of statements are revelations – of things both true and false that I wasn’t previously aware of.  For example despite being driven to distraction by repetitive, detailed work on the few occasions I have drawn that particular short straw, I apparently harbor a secret passion and flare for such activity!  On the other hand it has been really useful to name that despite living in transition for most of my adult life, I actually find change challenging and need a fair bit of space to prepare and adjust.

It’s been a really important week, thinking about next steps ( I am preparing myself for the next big transition!) reflecting on where my skills and strengths might lie and what contribution I can best bring to make a real difference in the lives of those around me. One of the things the online questionnaire has highlighted for me though is that I need others to be an undistorted mirror for me, to tell me what they see of me. On my own I find it difficult to differentiate between my internal world and how I actually come across and behave; I need others to tell me that. .. then ultimately I need to trust God, to follow his lead, not be limited by my experience, my fears or my self assurance, but hang on for dear life and enjoy the ride! Next year is going to be a blast!!!

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