miracles in Nassarawa and Trenchtown


The organization I am part of, Fusion International, is a global network of kingdom hearted teams of social entrepreneurs, of all ages, from all backgrounds, working to bring young people and their communities together with hope. Its kind of hope in action, a practical outworking of the ‘good news’, without the bible bashing. I love it!

A week or more ago I shared about Nentawe in Nassarawa. As I write he is in the midst of an annual interschool tournament in Nassarawa that he and the team have organized for the last three years. On the first day they had 2000 kids and about 150 adults including dignitaries, the police and the press, all thrilled with the day! Here’s how he describes it:

‘the kids were all dressed smartly in their various school uniforms and were ready for the march pass and other ceremonies, I asked some of them how they felt, and they were so excited answering me, it was very pleasing to hear the kids expressed themselves about what the tournament meant for them I shed tears when a kid told me that he felt so proud of himself and he will want to join Fusion and want to play a role in making Nassarawa safer and friendly! I was very grateful to God that the tournament was making a huge impact in the lives of these kids… The team in particular were in their best working real hard to see how to make things happen, everyone delivered at his duty post and crowd management and control was superb, the police were just having a nice time playing (with) the kids and they learnt a important lesson from us, be an example to the kids and don’t use the whips. And it was so nice how the crowd was managed – We had over 2000 kids and about 150 adults at the events.’

Someone gave a donation of $5000 to help finance the project, and we were able to get Francis across from Ghana to help:

‘It was so nice having Francis from Ghana come over, we thank God for granting him a safe trip over and his presence motivated the team loads!’

I’m looking forward to hearing how the rest of the tournament went!

I also wanted to introduce you to some other friends of mine. Dave and Liz have been working in Trenchtown, Kingston, Jamaica, for a number of years, Dave for over 20 years. Both their kids were born in Jamaica! Trenchtown has one of the top murder rates per capita in the world, but is home to some of our precious team who are giving their lives to make a difference in their community.

Here’s a bit of their story:





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