we loved this week…

This week we have loved. We scrubbed walls, we watched movies, we walked and walked, we drove, we taught classes, we missed breakfast, we were a safe place to be, we took photos, we joined the search and rescue operation on the mountain… and in the village, we had take away hot chocolate (with cream!), we had community tea, we got to bed at 4am, we washed floors, we were judged and criticized, we gave hugs, we talked to nurses and doctors, we had meetings, we made phone calls, we went to the police station, we hung out, we were praised, we had chips for lunch on the fly, we went to the hospital,  we briefed, we debriefed, we met people for the first time, we said good bye. It’s been a big week, its not over yet, but all is well.

I’d like to share something I wrote in February 2010 as I reflected on my time in South Africa during 2009, this week has reminded me of it. Though I have loved this week, its been mixed in with my drivers to ‘be strong’ and keep going, and I guess we never get to love perfectly, and that’s OK.  This calls me out to keep on loving and working on the parts of love that I find a challenge sometimes.

Love is joy,

Love is pain,

Love is sacrifice,

Love is death,

Love is life,

Love is letting go

Love is letting them find their strength,

Love is lonely,

Love  aches silently,

Love stays when there’s no turning the tide of trouble,

Love is silent when there are no words to say,

Love stands courageously in the face of another’s free falling chaos,

Love is letting the battle rage because there are no glorious victories without costly war,

Love trusts,

Love waits for whatever the next moment will bring,

Love is faithful,

Love is loyal,

Love is fierce,

Love is company when no one else realised,

Love is now, always now,

Love brings hope in the darkest hour,

Love costs,

Love is another man’s life instead of mine,

Love is humble,

Love is not easy,

Love is an adventure,

Love yields,

Love stands firm,

Love follows and love leads,

Love is a rock…  it is also a stream,

Love is the sun… it is also the shade

I have loved and in so doing I have cried… but I have lived.                 


Claire Bankole  Feb 2010

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