the colour of the walls

It’s the end of a long day. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, and certainly not unusual to have a long day. But there it is, I am at the end of a long day. All I want to do is escape into an episode of the West Wing, but something stops me, I think I need to write. I realized this afternoon that having been in my new home for two weeks, I hadn’t noticed that the colour of my walls and doors were a pale mushroom colour.

In the stresses of transition I can get driven. The last few weeks have been about hitting the road running, being functional and efficient in a new setting – it’s something I have become quite good at. The thing is I have been so busy getting things done and reaching out to those in my care both here and overseas, that I haven’t known how to stop and reach out to myself. In doing the right thing, I have forgotten to welcome myself home. I didn’t even notice the beautiful spiders web on by bedroom curtain… or that the walls were a pale mushroom colour.

Now that I have noticed myself, I wonder if life will be a bit different? I actually enjoy life, and if I bring myself into more of each day, I think I might find a bit more joy… and strength…. and rest. I wonder?

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  1. pray for me Di! i’m still not getting it quite right, but they say awareness is the first step to change, hey? i’m enjoying a day off and my flowers, so that’s a start i guess!!

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