late on Monday night…

Every Monday I spend an hour or two catching up with the team of Fusion workers in Athlone, Western Cape, South Africa. Since relocating to Tasmania this happens at 9pm for me at the end of a long day. Despite my tiredness, its something I look forward to each week. Its not just that its fun to connect with friends in another continent, or that they have a wicked sense of humour and our ‘work chat’ is interspersed with lots of laughter, although these things bring a welcome lightness to the end of the day for me. I think its that I have seen a glimpse of their heart for God and for their bleeding country and there is a part of me that has decided that if there is anything I can do to encourage them on the road God has them, I will do.

Here is a poem written by one of the team, Sandile, its not the first poem of his I have shared on this blog; he wrote this one last week.

My nation is not a lost nation!!!

MY nation is not a lost nation,

Not while I’m still around,

As young as I am I’ll strive for change,

As juvenile as I am I’ll  fight for  transformation,

I refuse! that this nation be called a lost nation

I decline! that this nation be called a dying nation

Not while `I’m still in the flesh….


I`ll see to humanity being restored,

The efforts of our heroes won`t go to waste,

The sweat of our leaders won`t go down the drain,

My nation is not a lost nation I refuse…I refuse!!!


I still dream a better tomorrow,

Where I’ll` walk down from the streets of Soweto

down Cape town streets without fear..

I still imagine the dark nights of Africa

being the nights of celebrations

up from Ghana and

Nigeria down

to S.A.:)


If you care to join me feel free,..:)

If you wish to stop me don’t’ you dare!


I rebuke those who doubt change!

I admonish the hopeless!


Never and never call my nation,

your nation ,






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