one big domino trail

Life is one big domino trail! Everything is connected to everything else, and sometimes I wish it wasn’t so! I am currently making a significant decision, the decision itself is fairly straightforward, it’s everything else around the decision that I am perplexed about. If you haven’t watched Mark Gungor’s session on U Tube called the tale of two brains, or if you just need a good laugh, go have a look – its fantastic! Its all about the difference between men’s brains and women’s brains. He explains how for women in particular, everything is connected to EVERYTHING!

 Anyway, I don’t think that what I am talking about now is a male/female thing… or maybe that’s just because I am a woman.. oh dear! In fact it was a woman who said to me the other day ‘ I wish you could be as certain of God’s voice as I am, then you’d know what to do and just do it!’. So could she be the exception that proves the rule?  ‘well’ I explained, feeling a hint of envy for a life that simple, ‘I am fairly clear about what to do about this decision, its just that that then leaves 5 other major decisions that I need to be clear about’.

Here’s what I am struggling with. Wisdom from heaven is first of all pure or unmixed or untainted, then its peace loving… THERE, that’s it. Peace… shalom… everything finding its right place under God… When Jesus said to seek first his Kingdom and his will, he didn’t specify any particular area of life. For me that implies that I can seek him out, and he wants me to seek him out, about every aspect and area of my work and life. So the journey of this last week has been something like this; ‘Father thank you for giving me a glimpse of your will in this area of my life, Father would you show me what you want me to do in these other areas, because it doesn’t all seem to jive right now, we’re not quite at that place of Shalom yet.’

I want to run to do your will, will you show me how?

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  1. If in doubt, I always go back to the 5 CSs…I know you’ll make the right decisions, don’t forget – He trusts you too…

    Commanding Scripture – His word
    Compelling Spirit – His Peace
    Counsel of the Saints – Friends you trust
    Common Sense – Common sense
    Circumstantial Signs – anything He sends to show the way



    1. Thanks Pete! its been quite a journey, and i realy apreciate sharing it with you and TL. sometimes it feels like a tightrope walk between trusting him and playing the part he’s trusted me with. anyway, i am here in Aus now… trusting the dominos to him!

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