words beside still waters

I stand in a torrent of words

A barrage of arrows

Ringing in my ears

Flying through my soul.

Words, words, more words.

Strong words of a warrior,

Tired words of a wanderer,

Innocent words of a child,

Meaningless chatter of the radio.

Words, words, and more words.

Each one a messenger

Of pain, of joy, fear, of death

All in a desperate rush for illusive life….

Thoughts, words, feelings

Mine, yours, theirs,

Furious whites crashing down, taking me.

Enough! No more! Be still!

Just thoughts now, ……

and my own few words.

Beside quiet waters

Wind dancing with the trees,

Love-songs of birds…

And the still small voice.

He hears me

And all is well again.



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