the sky’s the limit

As many of you know I am in the midst of helping to facilitate a training program for our Front Line Teams in South Africa. Its been a remarkable journey so far with many twists and turns, ups and downs. But I wanted to share with you a significant milestone in the process. Last Monday we spent the afternoon working with the goals that our organization adopted more than 10 years ago; the South African team has only been in existence for 18 months or so, many years after the goals were worked through and adopted by consensus at one of our (inter)national conferences.

When we first began looking at the goals, the team’s reflection was that the goals seemed foreign they described a strong disconnect and very little identification with them.

So we went to work in small groups to discover the heart and intention of the goals and then to ask ourselves, are these for South Africa? And if so how do we want to represent them for ourselves and our people? We came back into the big group and went on a lively process of trying to really hear from each other and understand each groups work. As we saw through each others eyes and made more changes some thing new and alive began to emerge. It carried the same meaning as the original goal statements but here was something that the team had brought into being together, something that they could own and celebrate.

The energy in the room after the process was fabulous, hope and excitement had risen. It was a significant milestone in the birth of Fusion South Africa.

Here are the goals, I hope you like them:

Fusion South Africa’s special ministry is to take whatever initiatives are necessary to see God’s Kingdom come in South Africa and the whole world.

We will do this by…

  • Working to see the lives of young people transformed by Christ and finding their God-given story; and to see their families and communities transformed by Christ’s redemptive work, love and life.
  • Working with and supporting the church and Christian community so that it is a source of warmth, illumination and restoration in our communities and across the nation, and so that it can help to bring about the ‘spirit of Ubuntu’.
  • Working for transformation of our nation and society so we are motivated by Justice, Mercy and Compassion (Kingdom Values) and influenced by the ‘spirit of Ubuntu’.

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