An Angry Storm

this is a poem written by Sandile Sithole, a young guy who has left home and family in Durban to come to Cape Town and work with the Fusion team here and making a difference in the communities here, his dream is to see South Africa healed. prepareto be impacted…

An Angry Storm !

                                                         Black clouds gathered from south,

The wind blow hard like nobody’s business,

Darkness was upon our nation,

Terror arose from the dust

And faith was lost.

I began to hear screams,

People we crying,

The devastating storm had come,

And had swept all the faith they had,

The world became wild,

Men became rapists,

Men became murderers,

Men became thieves,

And they’ve shaded their faith.

Oh dear! A woman cried in observance,

She prayed for the saviour to come,

She begged for mercy to be done to the wrong,

Oh dear! A cry

Oh dear! Shame was neglected,

Women abandoned their babies,

Women had abortions,

Women became prostitutes,

Oh dear! The world had gone crazy

Oh the dust had taken,

Dust to dust,

Ashes to ashes,

Orphans left behind,

Widows weeping for lost love,

The priest cried what an angry storm!

 I wrote this poem in fear of what the world had become and also in concern of what is going wrong within the vicinity of our own communities. We putting our own selves in danger of living behind the people we value so much. Because we are not ashamed of our own selves we turn to do drastic things e.g. raping sinless children and doing all of the above shameful things etc.

The title AN ANGRY STRORM came to mind because certainly I think if we are doing shameful things we are never doing them in love but we do them in anger and also the fact that a storm is never a good because where ever the storm had pass all things are swept away only devastation and pain are left behind.

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