Keys to the barricade


This morning as I journaled and prayed, I saw that as we had been proceeding down a path that God seemed to be leading, one obstacle after another seemed to be rising up. It may have been that my colleagues and I had misunderstood God’s leading, or it may be that we needed to deal with the obstacles. Some of the obstacles were practical, financial, logistical, some were interpersonal and we were becoming subtly divided; all of them were preventing us from moving forward.


Then I remembered… Jesus has already given us the Keys to God’s Kingdom, and it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. (His Kingdom being his will in action.) The keys to seeing His will being done, his purposes unfolding, his action in our lives… the keys in Matthew 18 seem to be Koinonia fellowship with each other and with him, and out of this shared love comes action aligned to his will.

Could the key to breaking down the barricade to Christ’s unfolding purposes be our love for Him, our love for each other and our wills aligned with his in expressing his love to our world? I am reminded of what happens when i am together with my brothers and sisters , and God’s presence suddenly comes and our only response is to worship him with all of who i am, giving him my all once again. Suddenly nothing else matters, every fear and disagreement fades into nothingness and all that matters is the God we love, to serve him and see his nature expressed in and through us.


Father, forgive my pride.



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