Two stories to be told – South Africa (part three)

Part three:   We had achieved so much with so little resource! But as a result the expat team was exhausted, true, some teams were more functional than others, parts of the network were more healthy than others. The disconnect between the reality on the ground in working towards the goal and the ‘official’ rhetoric... Continue Reading →

Two stories to be told – South Africa (part two)

Part two:   In October 2008, we carefully selected and trained eleven key South Africans from the three main hubs in the country, they in turn worked together and gathered local teams around them from their own communities in each of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. The plan was, over the next three years, to... Continue Reading →


You may recall in early 2000, Mozambique was devastated by floods. The combination of rains, released dams in neighbouring countries and a small scale tsunami wreaked havoc on the coastal lands of the country. I was part time Assistant Editor for Soul Survivor magazine at the time, living in Oxford, and doing regular locums in... Continue Reading →

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