The Baby House, Durban

Some time in mid October 2008 I arrived in Johannesburg where I was joined by two colleagues for the purpose of conducting twenty two interviews. This was the first phase in a unique project  the aim of which was to bring to light a network of goodwill, action and hope across South Africa that would build, at the grass roots, a wave of social cohesion and social capital across the nation. The project has taken many twists and turns,  there has been much joy, laughter, heart ache and pain, yet the journey continues. This project is just a small thread in an epic story spanning decades, at the hear of which lie countless South African heroes committed and doing, literally, all that they can to bring healing, hope and a future to their nation.

Today I want to celebrate Justin and Cathy who, as newly weds in 2009, set up their home  to care for orphaned babies in the community. It just so happens that Justin was one of those we interviewed in October 2008! Below is a story they sent out at the close of 2010.

On the 15th June 2010 a small, terrified 17 hour old baby girl landed  at our Baby House in Durban. She had been found lying naked behind a   clinic with her umbilical cord still attached. The policeman who found her named her Junior. We changed her name to Hope.

6 months later – on the 13th December 2010, Hope’s name changed once  again – this time for good. Andy and Samantha – her new adoptive  parents named her Rosa. Rosa Hope.

In 6 months she had gone from being abandoned to being found, from being HIV positive to HIV negative, from having all manner of infant illnesses and insecurities to being a well, bouncy, bubbly, chatty,  character-filled little girl. Hope.

We all miss her desperately but we are so delighted that she has been  adopted by such an incredible couple. They are the type of people we  need more of in South Africa – they decided from day 1 to have one of their own and adopt one. Zakes – there gorgeous young son – now has his much anticipated sister Rosa.

Thank you to you all for helping to give this baby an incredible start in life. Without your help this would not be possible.

God bless and much love,

Justin & Cathy

You can contact Justin and Cathy to hear more about their work with the orphaned babies on

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