So what is it and what does it do? Theres a fair bit in the bible about faith, things like without it we can’t please God,  by it we are saved from a future without him… it’s probably good thing to get a grip on. In the bible, Hebrews 11 gives a list of examples of people who lived by faith. As i read the passage again, it seems that each of these men and women were tuned into a reality, a different drum beat; it could be that they were tuned into God’s reality, his way of seeing things. But not only that, they made choices and acted on the basis of this different reality, and it seems that that’s why their names are recorded amongst God’s heroes. So, simply put, perhaps faith is seeing things from God’s point of view and making choices on the basis of that. It begs the question though, how do we see God’s view point? Well, i guess God has given us his word, the bible, to help us tune into his ways. As we live with God’s word and take it into our lives, we will begin to see things the way he does, it’s like we begin to see things with a new set of eyes. But i know for me that its possible to know God’s word and for it to make no difference in my life because i see it as simply interesting information or trivia, useful to look good and win arguments. But when i am willing to let myself be changed by his word, let it challenge, impact and encourage me, that’s when i start to grow up. In fact the bible warns that if we are not willing to be changed we won’t get what’s right there in front of us. Which brings us full circle, faith isn’t just about seeing things the way God sees them, its about acting on it as well

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