About the author

Although born in London, Claire spent the first seven years of her life, from the age of 4 weeks, in Nigeria. Her father was Professor of Paediatric Surgery at  the University of Ife and her mother is a consultant in public health. Since the age of 8 home has been England, where she lived with her mother and younger brother. Claire graduated from the University of Leicester as a medical doctor and went on to specialise in Paediatrics.

No longer practicing as a doctor she now works with Fusion International, a Christian Youth and Community Organisation that has its origins and headquarters in Australia.

In her journey to this point she has worked with Tearfund’s disaster response team in South Sudan, as an assistant editor and events manager with Soul Survivor, a church administrator with Vineyard and a senior school teacher in Tasmania. Claire wrote “letters to kate”, a book that was published in 2004 by Scripture Union and is currently under going a revision for re-publication.

Her travels have taken her on missions across Africa, to Peru and Guatemala, Europe, Canada and Australia.

A committed follower of Christ, her faith has influenced her life choices for many years. Passionate about helping others find their voice and life purpose, she loves teaching, training and helping others be effective.

After spending a year in South Africa, followed by a year in Canada, Claire is currently based back in the UK, helping to support Fusion teams in Africa, the UK and Canada.

Claire is also available to come and share at your church, missions, community outreach, women’s, youth…  groups and retreats, just leave a message on this blog.

(To find out how you can support Claire in ministry, follow this link.)

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